GCM Image of the Week: What is Big Data?

GCM Image of the Week: What is Big Data?

Huge data volumes (i.e. walmart has more than 1m customer transactions every hour) processed in the Data Cloud to enable Data-Driven Decisions (think the Obama Campaign!)


GCM Image of the Week: Ever wonder where the term Cloud Computing came from?

GCM Image of the Week: Ever wonder where the term Cloud Computing came from?

The term “cloud” originated as an analogy for the internet because network diagrams depicted the internet via a cloud symbol as depicted in Figure 4 (from my new book “The Great Cloud Migration”).
Note: This image is in the Creative Commons by SilverStar (with permission). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sample-network-diagram.png

New Book is Published and Available on Amazon!

New Book is Published and Available on Amazon!

Just received news from the publisher that my new book is available!  I am excited about this book – it took a year to write and so far the feedback is really good!

Here are some of the Book’s Highlights (from the sales annotation):

–          Learn how to migrate your applications to the cloud!

–          Learn how to overcome your senior management’s concerns about Cloud Security and Interoperability!

–          Learn how to explain cloud computing, big data and linked data to your organization!

–          Learn how to develop a robust Cloud Implementation Strategy!

–          Learn how a Technical Cloud Broker can ease your migration to the cloud!

This book will answer the key questions that every organization is asking about emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data and Linked Data.  Written by a seasoned expert and author/co-author of 11 other technical books, this book deftly guides you with real-world experience, case studies, illustrative diagrams and in-depth analysis. 


Here are some of the questions the book answers:

How do you migrate your software applications to the cloud?

This book is your definitive guide to migrating applications to the cloud!  It explains all the options, tradeoffs, challenges and obstacles to the migration.  It provides a migration lifecycle and process you can follow to migrate each application.  It provides in-depth case studies: specifically, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service case study and a Platform-as-a-Service case study.    It covers the difference between application migration and data migration to the cloud and walks you through how to do both well.  It covers migration to all the major cloud providers to include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google AppEngine and Microsoft Azure.

How do you develop a sound implementation strategy for the migration to the cloud?

This book leverages Mr. Daconta’s 25 years of leadership experience, from the Military to Corporate Executive teams to the Office of the CIO in the Department of Homeland Security, to guide you through the development of a practical and sound implementation strategy.  The book’s “Triple-A” Strategy: Assessment, Architecture then Action is must reading for every project lead and IT manager!

Other key features of the book are:

This book covers twenty migration scenarios!

Application and data migration to the cloud can be complex!  There are many paths you can take, many variations in the types of applications you want to migrate, multiple ways to migrate (like fork-lift style, or component re-engineering) to multiple target platforms (private, public, hybrid clouds).  All of these paths need to be explored and weighed against your objectives.  This book explores them all!  You will have the confidence to tackle a migration after reading this book because you will be well prepared!

This book is packed with over 80 figures!

With over 15 years of training experience, Mr. Daconta knows that most people learn best through visual depictions.  Graphics, images and photos make abstract things concrete and this book has 84 figures that give you those visual cues and new visual perspectives into these new concepts!  Pictures Rule and this book knows that!

This book is packed with 7 in-depth case studies, 3 customized definitions and over 60 examples!

Mr. Daconta believes that real-world experience is the best teacher which is why this book strives to “back up” every major point or lesson in the book with a concrete, real-world example.  The more important the teaching point, the more in-depth and detailed the example should be which is why there are 7 in-depth case studies in this book!  Let’s examine how each demonstration type is leveraged to maximize your learning:

  • The 7 in-depth case studies drill down to explore all the details of an organization using and getting value out of the technology in question.  You will see how they did it, learn best practices from their experience and learn how to gain those same successful results!
  • The 3 customized definitions are designed to help you see how the parts and pieces of the concepts we define (cloud computing, big data and linked data) meld together into something useful.  Each definition has an explanation, a purpose, a sample usage (or use case) and an analogy.
  • The 60 examples are illustrate each point with a real-world experience – real world companies like Amazon, Salesforce.com, and Kaggle.com ; real-world products like Cassandra, CloverETL, and Hbase;  and real-world analogies.  At every major point in the book, you will see the words “For Example” and know that you will have solid experience to rely on, make decisions upon and learn from!  This book delivers!