Amazon maintains its Cloud Lead with a slew of announcements at their Re:Invent Conference!

Amazon maintains its Cloud Lead with a slew of announcements at their Re:Invent Conference!

Amazon announced Kinesis (real-time processing of streaming data), PostgreSQL for their Relational Data Store, Workspaces (virtual desktops in the cloud), Appstream (application streaming), Trusted advisor (new dashboard) and CloudTrail (logs of API calls on your AWS account).  WOW!  I can tell you that I went to this conference last year (too busy this year with finishing my new book); however, I definitely plan on going again next year.  It is a great conference!
Highly recommend you check out the keynotes available at the link!


New GigaOM Report on Cloud Migration Challenges

New GigaOM Report on Cloud Migration Challenges

The Executive summary is available but the full report takes you to a sign-up page for $299.  My book is much cheaper at $21.95! Chapter 5 discusses migration challenges and solutions.   🙂

If you are in the DC Area,  my company is hosting a Book Launch event on Wednesday, November 20th at Maggiano’s in Tyson’s corner from 5:30pm – 8pm!  I will be signing copies of my book so you can get a copy there!  If you wish to attend, email Caitlyn Kish (ckish ‘at’ to RSVP.

Big Data, Dark Data and now Hyper Data?

Big Data, Dark Data and now Hyper Data?

A NY times article describing how start ups are recruiting an army of “hyperdata” collector or people that are collecting “hyper” local information to analyze, correlate with other data and draw conclusions from.  Features a company called Premise that gets people to photograph food and goods in public markets all over the world.

Of course, managing all this data as an information asset is another challenge.  To help with that, download a kindle version of my book Information As Product today for FREE.  See:

What do Knowledge Graphs and Social Graphs have in Common?



Figure 39 in the Linked Data 101 Chapter of the Great Cloud Migration
(note: this image is in the creative commons by user: Festys at

This image shows a social graph for a fictitious girl named Eva… the important idea here is that the graph structure of nodes connected by links or relationships is the foundation provided by linked data.  So, the structure of linked data is the foundation for social graphs (like facebook, myspace, etc.) and knowledge graphs (like Google’s knowledge graph and Bing’s Satori)!