Book Launch Party!

Book Launch Party!

Me covering the highlights of the Great Cloud Migration to a packed house at the InCadence Book Launch party! it was a truly awesome night! Great to see some many old friends and colleagues. Special thanks to InCadence for hosting the event!


My Latest Article comparing Hadoop and Data Warehousing is Popular

My Latest Article comparing Hadoop and Data Warehousing is Popular

This article answers the question: “Is Hadoop the death of data warehousing?”

Getting very good feedback so far on the article… Enjoy!

Reported Hypervisor Hack is Not True

Ars Technica today reported a hypervisor hack for the site which was defaced.  Originally, the confusion was the fault of the openSSL folks who reported the hypervisor as the cause of the defacement.  The openSSL have now updated their report to state that poor password security allowed a hacker to access the hypervisor management console of their service provider which then led to the vulnerability and the defacement.

Why is this relevant?  It shows the level of nervousness around the concept of hypervisor security.  A hypervisor is the software that enables you to run multiple virtual machines on a single server.  It was good to see VMWare be so pro-active in addressing this potential vulnerability and quickly working with OpenSSL to get to the bottom of the hack.

Cloud security is still at the top of everyone’s list of adoption roadblocks and therefore the community must be vigilant and pro-active in addressing any potential threats!

Editorial Book Revision is Complete!

After discovering what I considered to be too many grammatical and typographic errors, I temporarily pulled the book to revise it.  I had two people copyedit the book with a fine tooth comb (and I read it again out loud to catch errors).  It is interesting to note that all three of us caught different errors … shows how easy it is for errors to slip through the cracks.

I am happy to announce the Kindle version is re-released and now available here.  The print version will be available again in the very near future (new version is with the publisher).  This was a tedious (and sometimes frustrating process); however, it was worth it to produce a high-quality book.  That is the most important thing.