Three-way Cloud Horse Race shifts to PaaS

The Cloud wars are shaping up to be a 3-way horse race between Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft.  As I elaborated in previous blog posts, the IaaS price war has been raging over this last year and will continue.  Now we seed the combat arena shifting to PaaS where Google just announced Google Cloud DNS which competes directly with Amazon’s Route 53 DNS offering.  Expect all three vendors to go toe-to-toe on PaaS features.  Let the cloud wars continue!


Cloud 101 – A holistic Definition of Cloud Computing

Cloud 101 - A holistic Definition of Cloud Computing

This definition covers both the how and the why of cloud computing. It is important to note that the electric power generation analogy was put forth, in great detail, in Nicholas Carr’s book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google.

The Cloud Application Migration Lifecycle

The Cloud Application Migration Lifecycle

The Cloud Application Migration Lifecycle is a set of stages in a process, similar to the software development lifecycle, for the migration of legacy applications to the cloud. The requirements phase is replaced by the assessment phase and the traditional development (or coding) phase is replaced by the migration phase. The assessment phase is where you assess the complexity and readiness of your current applications for migration to a cloud environment. I go through everyone of these phases in detail in the Great Cloud Migration.